Welcome to the Piper Series!


   ​​Artist Trisha Mae 


Piper lives in a cage at the puppy mill.  A little shaggy gray puppy, no one ever buys Piper. Will someone rescue Piper from the puppy mill?   Piper And The Rescuer is the first book in the “Piper Series” 

PIPER AND THE RESCUER                                                PIPER FINDS A HOME

Meet Author Saradawn Samuel


Saradawn Samuel is a Suzuki piano instructor, a mother, and a grandmother.  She lives with her husband, Ed, in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Piper is saved from the puppy mill by the Rescuer.  Will the Rescuer find Piper a loving home? Piper Finds A Home is the second book of the "Piper Series."

We donate 10 percent of proceeds to animal welfare nonprofit organizations. 

            PIPER AND FRIENDS - Coloring Book coming August - 2015!